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Lymphatic Drainage Series Packages

Discover the Power of Lymphatic Drainage Packages - Save 25% on Each!

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Lymphatic drainage therapy, also known as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), is an essential technique for pre and post-operative cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. It is widely recognized for its benefits in reducing swelling, inflammation, and bruising, which results in a faster recovery and better outcomes for patients.

Also, patients experiencing lymphedema and lipedema may find relief and improved range of motion.

Our certified lymphedema therapists customize MLD treatment plans for optimal results.

Why Choose Our Lymphatic Drainage Packages?

  1. Reduction of Edema (Swelling) and Inflammation

  2. Strengthened Immune System

  3. Enhanced Healing and Pain Relief

  4. Prevention of Complications

  5. Increased Energy

  6. Effective Detoxification

Choose our Lymphatic Drainage Packages that suits your needs and preferences:

  1. LymphoCare Package 5 Sessions of 60 Minutes: Sale Package Price $375. (Retail $500)

  2. LymphFlow Plus Package 5 Sessions of 90 Minutes:  Sale Package Price $562.50. (Retail $750)

  3. Lymphatic BoostBox Package 5 Sessions of 120 Minutes: Sale Package Price $693.75 (Retail $925.00)

  4. LymphaticVital Package 8 Sessions of 60 Minutes: Sale Package Price $600.00 (Retail $800)

  5. LymphRevive Package 8 Sessions of 90 MinutesSale Package Price $900 (Retail $1200)

  6. LymphoRelief Bundle Package 10 Sessions of 60 Minutes: Sale Package Price $700.00 (Retail $1000 Save 30% !!)

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